Contribution of Steadysun to Greenlys, the largest smart grid demonstrator in France


Accurate forecast of diffuse PV production

October 22nd, 2014

During the inauguration of ERDF’s smart grid showroom, Steadysun presented the first results of its partnership with ERDF on forecasting diffuse photovoltaic production.


It is the first time that a forecasting system is in operation on a city scale. The forecasts are made for two different geographical levels. The first one concerns the municipalities and/or the substations. The second includes the whole smart grid area, which concerns Lyon and the surrounding municipalities



The forecasts are recalculated several times an hour and produced at a time step which can reach one minute. This level of accuracy allows the impact of any variation of the photovoltaic production in the power grid to be very finely anticipated.



In concrete terms, these forecasts anticipate the diffuse production of electricity stemming from several hundreds of solar rooftop installations. In parallel, Linky smart meters report back the data of every installation. Once aggregated, the data is taken into account in the forecasting system resulting in much greater accuracy.



In this way Steadysun is contributing to securing efficient integration of the production from power photovoltaic plants into the power grid while optimizing its functioning.


Steadysun participates to the implementation of the largest French smart grid network in a partnership agreement with ERDF, GDF Suez, Grenoble INP, CEA (Nuclear Energy Agency), Schneider Electric, Alstom, Atos, RTE


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