Integration of a Large-scale Photovoltaic Power Plant into a Central American Network

22 Januar 2018

As in all regions well exposed to the sun, photovoltaic energy is expanding in Central America. As it is the case here for this 60 MW plant, large-scale projects are currently being connected to the network.

On January 22, 2018 sunny weather was forecasted by all the meteorological models used by our steadyMet solution.  None of them had anticipated the clouds passing between 11 am and 1 pm and causing a 30 MW drop in a few minutes.

The impact of this limitation on the network may then be significant depending on the reserves available to the electrical system manager. A short-term sky-imager based forecasting solution would have enabled to anticipate this event at least 15 minutes before it occured and give time to the operators to implement substitution production means.


Figure 1: actual production (in blue) vs production forecast of the day before (in red)