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at Intersolar 2017
June 2, 2017 at 02:15 pm


Fostering distributed PV integration through innovative sky imager network

24 Mai 2017

Steadysun with first to market sky imaging solution in 2014 keeps its innovative pace by introducing new sky imager network to monitor spikes and drops towards increased variability prediction of high level distributed PV.

Steadysun new solution, powered by proprietary image processing delivers accurate production forecasts for grid operators to anticipate severe solar production drops.

Through plug and play sky imager network setup, Steadysun allows sky monitoring with 15-second picture acquisition uploaded to a dedicated server.

Solar power installation attributes and models enable accurate production forecasts leveraged by

  • cloud map drawings
  • next minutes cloud movement prevision
  • Drops and spikes alert for effective grid operation decision

Grid operators are offered unprecedented weather insight to make timely decisions to balance between load and generation and keep voltage and frequency stability.

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