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The trend for solar energy, particularly in the EU, is to move progressively from the FIT system to a market-driven system where energy is sold on the market, as with the more conventional sources. This is how solar energy will gradually be integrated into the electricity markets.

Production must therefore be forecasted a day ahead as well as on the day itself to benefit from the opportunities that the intraday markets can offer.

Our trading solution meets this dual challenge. It is supported by our technological building blocks: SteadyMet (forecasts based on meteorological models) and SteadySat (forecasts using satellite images) and provides comprehensive information every 15 minutes in order to optimise its positions on the different markets.


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Since January 2016, France has joined countries like Germany and Spain in imposing the direct sale of electricity from new photovoltaic systems above 500 kW via the wholesale market. Indeed, regulated purchase tariffs were so far sufficient to ensure the trade.

This new regulation, which requires that electricity output from new facilities be directly sold on the European Power Exchange Market (EPEX) shall have implications related to the uncertainty of these operations.


It will now be possible to directly obtain significant amounts of energy of solar origin through the energy market and achieve better performance than the existing FIT (Feed-in tariff) compensation. And consequently for direct sale, first-rate production forecast will be required. Indeed, the lack of effective forecasting may result in additional costs related to network balancing, as well as to quantities sold on the market, despite the market premium provided for in case of loss.


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Steadysun, a specialist in solar production forecast, gained experience in market sale support by providing accurate solar production forecasting solutions for aggregators both in Germany and Spain as well as to major market players who produce and market solar energy themselves.

Forecasting solutions:

Steadysun’s solutions for solar production forecast guarantee high prediction accuracy thanks to various physical, mathematical and neural network modelling technologies. Steadysun provides forecasts for the 3 EPEX markets (Day-Ahead, Intraday and quarter hour contracts). Short-term forecast makes it possible to control the uncertainty and therefore the costs associated with balancing, by optimizing the volume of tertiary reserve required and by taking part in load management.

An accurate short-term forecast allows significant gains.

To facilitate your entry or strengthen your position on the market, Steadysun offers forecasts in several European countries from now to D+5 with time spans from the minute (15 min for Germany, 30 min for France, 60 min for Spain) and updates every hour.

Steadysun also offers forecasting solutions for your park according to customer specifications.

An essential tool:

Results are compared daily and adjusted to the output measures provided by the Epex or by the customer.

The self-learning function allows continuous improvement of accuracy in order to ensure the best possible forecasting service. Steadysun forecasts will be your decision-support tools for your daily electricity trading activities on the energy market.



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Steadysun also provides forecasts for power plant operating activities, network management, and optimization of energy resources in remote areas. Do not hesitate to contact us by email or phone +33 (0)9 7072 0368 / +33 (0)9 7075 3452 to find out about our complete range of dedicated services.