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These small electrical systems are not benefiting from interconnection with a continental electricity grid, or in a limited way only. They face a specific situation where all of the electricity needed must be produced locally. The production costs of the fossil production sources are quite high. The solar energy is a profitable alternative but its massive introduction causes an instability of the system even when associated with storage solutions and fuel generators.

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Insular or non-interconnected grids are extremely sensitive to the hazards and fluctuations of solar production. They often have to cope with rapid decreases in PV production. If production planning does not rapidly compensate for these fluctuations, they may result in serious instabilities and black-outs.

Our solution focuses on detecting and anticipating this type of high-risk situation.

It is based on the use of satellite images (SteadySat technology) or images taken from the ground (SteadyEye technology) and is adapted to a region’s climatic and energy specificities.

We have successfully deployed insular solutions in places where the PV production penetration rates can sometimes exceed 30% of the consumption.