Attend our next training session on solar power forecasting

How can forecasts help me in improving the profitability of solar installations?
How can they increase the performance of my portfolio?
How to use forecasts to balance the electrical network? 
This training will help you answering these questions.

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Steadysun will attend EnerGaia exhibition

We will attend EnerGaia exhibition on December 12, 2019 in Montpellier.
We will be pleased to meet with French solar developers, EPC and asset managers seeking to expand their business internationally. Steadysun, with global reach, can deliver value to mitigate financial risks related to grid code requirements.

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Case Studies

Integration of a Large-scale Photovoltaic Power Plant into a Central American Network

As in all regions well exposed to the sun, photovoltaic energy is expanding in Central America. As it is the case here for this 60 MW plant, large-scale projects are currently being connected to the network. On January 22, 2018 sunny weather was forecasted by all the meteorological models used by our steadyMet solution.  None…

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Trading : A Portfolio of Photovoltaic Solar Plants in Italy

If we consider the same prevision quality, the size and compositions of a portfolio have an impact on the gaps between planned and actual power generation. The case of September, 7th 2017 related to a portfolio of about 20 plants illustrates this point.  This is a rather chaotic day from a meteorological perspective. Here, the…

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2017-04 / SteadySat / Trading de la producción solar en Francia

Trading de la producción solar en Francia En Francia, la venta en el mercado de la electricidad solar llega a ser realidad. Se puede negociar la energía para entrega el día siguiente (mercado day-ahead) o el mismo día (mercado intradiario) hasta 30 minutos antes del inicio del período de entrega. Las predicciones facilitadas la víspera…

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Our Forecasting Solutions

Our Forecasting Products

> SteadyEye


Con la instrumentación complementaria que toma imágenes del cielo, instalada in situ, puede ofrecerse una predicción de producción para los próximos minutos...

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> SteadySat

30 minutos > 6 horas

Acopladas a las predicciones meteorológicas, las imágenes por satélite permiten afinar la evolución de la cubierta nubosa y el perfil de producción para las próximas horas.

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> SteadyMet

6 horas > 240 horas

La previsión de producción para los próximos días se realiza a partir de modelos meteorológicos y datos de producción disponibles…

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