How solar power forecasting can limit the impact of the solar variability on the grid management ?

18 junio 2015

On June 17th, the solar power exceeded 22GW in the middle of the day in Germany as compared to the following day during which it reached a ceiling at 10 GW only. These variations from one day to another may affect the grid and the cross-border exchanges, if not properly anticipated.

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Importance of solar energy forecasting accuracy : case of a power plant in South Africa

29 mayo 2015

This 80MW power plant, located in South Africa, is fitted with a single axis tracking system. The use of unsuitable forecast solutions might turn in additional costs exceeding €100,000.00, even €200,000.00 a year.

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Value added of intra-hour solar forecasting to anticipate solar production variability in Caribbean

5 febrero 2015

Day-ahead forecast (D+1) for a 200 kW plant in the Caribbean.

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