Steadysun facilitates REE’s mission


REE chose steadysun for their 4.6 GWp installed park solar forecasts

20 junio 2015

REE selected the Steadysun solutions to predict the photovoltaic production from its 4.6 GWp installed park which will be integrated into the grid.
For the last few weeks, Steadysun has been providing production forecasts over the next 240 hours for the Spanish network. They are updated every hour thanks to its technologies based on satellite images and weather data, SteadyMet and SteadySat.


An important solar market in Europe

REE is among the most involved TSO (transmission system operator) in the integration of renewable energy, and is constantly seeking innovative solutions in this aim.
In fact, the share of renewable energy in the Spanish energy mix is significant compared to other European countries. In 2013, solar, wind and hydro energy represented 41% of Spain’s electricity consumption. Taking advantage of its high sunlight exposure, Spain ranks third in Europe for its installed solar park with a 7 GW capacity deployed in photovoltaic and concentrated solar power. The 12.8TWh solar production made up 4.8% of national electricity consumption.


Face island specificities

The Spanish network also has another characteristic: its insular network. Islands sometimes stand very strong winds in the Balearic Islands, typical of the Mediterranean region, and in the Canary Islands, caused by the Azores’ anticyclone.
These winds push clouds above the facilities and temporarily reduce their output. This is why solar energy production on the islands is even more sensitive to weather hazards than on the peninsula.

However, the Canary Islands, being not interconnected to the continental network because of their location, must independently ensure their production. Moreover, the region holds an imperative to provide electricity to 10 million tourists annually, who seasonally swell the demand on these islands.
Network managers, whose role is even more critical in these insular areas, must ensure network security by facilitating the integration of solar energy at all times. In order to feed the distribution network according to demand, fluctuating over time, production of electric energy from solar sources should be as predictable as possible.
Steadysun solutions rise up to this challenge, thanks to a fine and suitable geographical network. Furthermore, the hourly updated forecasts allow REE managers to perform their task with a shorter reaction time.


Innovation in response to these requirements

Indeed, the solutions implemented by Steadysun have been developed over many years within INES, the French national institute for solar energy. They combine physical and mathematical models, using many sources of information and weather satellites on different spatial and temporal scales. Steadysun delivers precise and operational forecasts for electrical systems integrating various sources, taking into account possible instabilities in island areas.
Hence, Steadysun facilitates REE’s mission to stabilize and secure its power grid, spread over diversified geographical areas that include parts of the Iberian Peninsula, and the Balearic and Canary Islands.