Steadysun’s MoNuTeR project awarded from the innovation contest

21 diciembre 2018

Steadysun, with its MoNuTeR project, was one of the companies listed on December 11, 2018 as part of the innovation contest for the theme Renewable energy, storage and energy systems promoted by the French Environment & Energy Management Agency (ADEME).

The MoNuTeR project aims at developing regional meteorological models for solar irradiance and production forecasting.

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Steadysun is accredited with the “Energized by Tenerrdis” certificate from Tenerrdis

25 mayo 2018

The EyeGrid solar forecasting solution is one of the 7 solutions to have been certified by the energy cluster.

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Weatherzone y Steadysun anuncian un acuerdo de asociación técnica y comercial en Australia y Nueva Zelandia

17 febrero 2017

WEATHERZONE y STEADYSUN firmaron un acuerdo de cooperación comercial y tecnológica en Australia y Nueva Zelandia para proponer una solución completa y eficiente de predicción de la producción solar.

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Meteodyn y Steadysun anuncian un acuerdo de colaboración técnico y comercial

15 marzo 2016

Un acuerdo de colaboración para proponer una solución completa a los productores de energías renovables y gestores de redes eléctricas.

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REE chose steadysun for their 4.6 GWp installed park solar forecasts

20 junio 2015

REE is among the most involved TSO (transmission system operator) in the integration of renewable energy, and is constantly seeking innovative solutions in this aim.

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