Thanks to ADEME for the financing of the MoNuTeR Steadysun project


Funding of Steadysun’s MoNuteR project thanks to the “Programme d’Investissements d’Avenir” research program 

Since 2010, ADEME has been organizing the Future Investments Program (PIA) for companies like Steadysun. This program aims to accelerate the marketing of innovative and ambitious solutions, particularly in the field of energy transition. One of the determining criteria for the financing of projects is the level of technological differentiation, as well as the impact of the innovation in terms of cost reduction and ecological impact.

The MoNuTeR project is in the field of forecasting the electricity production of solar power plants. It focuses on the development of a new generation of forecasting technologies and services aimed at developing regional meteorological models specifically adapted to the locations of solar power plants and their local challenges. The objective of this project is to industrialize this optimization process with the deployment and operation of such models.

The MoNuTeR project makes it possible to provide better irradiance forecasts adapted to the climatic specificities of your photovoltaic plant.

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