Insular system management

Maximize the use of solar energy while ensuring grid balancing


A solution for insular power grids allowing to maximize the use of solar energy while ensuring power network stability.

On an island, renewables are usually the only form of energy that can be locally produced. They constitute an interesting choice compared to other conventional sources, as they allow to pursue ambitious energy transition objectives and reduce electricity production cost. However, depending on the location, size and orography of the island, the variability of the solar and wind resources can be quite important. As insular electricity networks are completely isolated, renewable energy sources play a major role in the grid management as their penetration in the electricity mix increases.

Hence, being able to predict significant drops in renewable resources is crucial to compensate for the production decrease with a different energy source and thus guarantee the power quality and grid stability. Solar and wind forecasting at different time scales rises up then as the best practical solution to anticipate the fluctuations in the energy production.

These are our products and services for insular power grids, allowing to get the most of solar and wind energies while ensuring power network stability:

      Sizing of energy storage systems (centralized or not)
      Analysis of the variability of the solar and wind resources
      Estimation of the solar potential of a specific site
      Long-term mix strategy

Optimize the management of the grid and the spinning reserves by limiting the impact of the intrinsic variability of renewable energies. 



Reduce the carbon footprint of the electricity production mix by optimizing the management of the operating reserves/spinning reserves and consequently reducing fossil fuel consumption. 


By anticipating the significant drops in the energy production caused by sudden changes in weather conditions and optimizing the real-time dispatch strategy of the different energy sources, thus ensuring electricity supply.


By using massively renewable energies: the use of fossil fuel will be reduced and the gensets lifespan will be increased, thus reducing their maintenance costs.


Solar forecasts for the coming days, based on meteorological models, dedicated to avoiding penalties, planify and decrease spinning reserve and sell energy at better prices.


Solar forecasts for the coming hours, based on satellite imagery, dedicated to avoiding penalties, planify and decrease spinning reserve and sell energy at better prices.


Solar forecasts for the next minutes, based on fisheye cameras looking to the sky in real-time, dedicated to ramp detection and guaranteed PV power/production, to manage reserves in real time.


Electricity load forecast for the coming hours and days, based on deep learning technologies.

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Project development

Products and services for solar and wind power plant developers to anticipate the profitability of your installations.

Plant Operations

Products and services for solar plant operators allowing to maximize the profitability of your plants.

Hybrid systems & storage

Microgrid studies, solar and wind forecasts to optimize the sizing and the management of hybrid systems (PV/Wind/Storage/Genset).

Grid management

Solar and wind forecasts to reduce spinning reserve, and avoid grid instability.

Renewable energy trading & Portfolio management

Solar and wind portfolio production forecasts to sell electricity at the best price on energy market (SPOT), and to minimize the cost of imbalance penalties.

Smart grids & Smart cities

Solar, Wind and Load forecast to define the best control strategy and maximize self consumption.

Research and innovation

Doctors and scientists can help you find the best innovation for you problematic.


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