2016-06 / STEADYSAT / Self-consumption

6 Giugno 2016

Germany : Self-consumption for a commercial building.

In order to maximize the self-consumption of the photovoltaic output, forecasting the production is a reliable or even an essential solution.

Here we have the example of a commercial building in Germany. The 115 KWc solar plant is oriented southeast with modules at an angle of 30°.

The forecast solution implemented is based on our technologies – SteadyMet for the next day and SteadySat to update every 15 minutes the production profile of the current day.

June 6th illustrates perfectly the complementarity between the two technologies. Indeed after a bright sunny morning, the sky is suddenly covered by clouds, production falls and remains low all the afternoon.

This phenomenon had not been anticipated by the forecast of the day before, based on weatherforecasting modeles – see figure 1.

By contrast, the forecasts delivered an hour ahead – see figure 2 – warn against the risk of a sharp output drop. It is then still possible to react, for instance by shifting some charges to a more suitable time.



Figure 1 : Actual (in blue) vs SteadyMet forecast of the day before (in red)


Figure 2 : Actual (in blue) vs SteadySat forecast 60 minutes ahead (in red/orange for the quantiles)