Integration of a Large-scale Photovoltaic Power Plant into a Central American Network

22 Gennaio 2018

How a short-term sky-imager based forecasting solution can help to implement substitution production means.

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2017-03 / Steadymet / Grid Integration

27 Marzo 2017

How to preserve 100 % of the remuneration planned in a PPA (Power Purchase Agreement)?

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2016-08 / STEADYMET / Power grid management / Trading

12 Agosto 2016

SteadyMet, a good forecast solution to anticipate output gaps !

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Two SW-02 Sky Imagers to Foresee the Production on the Same Area in Lyon (FR)

17 Marzo 2016

Two SW-02 Sky Imagers to foresee the production on the same area in Lyon (FR)

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Solar Forecasts for a Power Plant of 7 MW in India

25 Gennaio 2016

Forecast for a power plant of 7 MW in India.

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