Trading : A Portfolio of Photovoltaic Solar Plants in Italy

7 Settembre 2017

This case study illustrates the impact of the size and compositions of a portfolio on the variances between planned and actual power generation.

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2017-03 / Steadymet / Grid Integration

27 Marzo 2017

How to preserve 100 % of the remuneration planned in a PPA (Power Purchase Agreement)?

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Trading : Risk Decreases with Rising Spatial Spread of Portfolio – Case Study in Italy

28 Dicembre 2016

Trading : Risk decreases with rising spatial spread of portfolio – case study in Italy

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2016-11 / SteadySat / Self-consumption

20 Novembre 2016

We have here the example of an individual house with a 3 kWc rooftop installation

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2016-08 / STEADYMET / Power grid management / Trading

12 Agosto 2016

SteadyMet, a good forecast solution to anticipate output gaps !

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