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There are some significant changes happening in the energy market since the last few years and more changes are expected to come in the next few years.

From a centralized energy market dominated mainly by fossil and nuclear energy, the market is moving towards a decentralized production (renewable energy), which is more competitive, cleaner. It integrates perfectly the current market economy where the Producer is at the same time a consumer and a producer of its own electricity. Distributed energy resources (DER), grid-connected or off-grid are playing an increasing role in the electrical systems.


In this context of electricity market change, many companies specializing in energy optimization solutions such as monitoring, smart grid or smart metering management are emerging. These new applications from IoT industry offer to the users (residential or commercial) the possibility to save money on their energy bills and/or to increase their incomes from their electricity production.

Steadysun is expanding its solution portfolio and offers a range of services in Web services mode (API) that deliver solar forecasts generation and irradiance automatically.

Depending on the country and therefore according to the local regulations, the use of PV-forecasts as an additional module to the platform of the partner has different purposes. In Germany e.g. the price of electricity is high enough so that the forecast may help to maximize the self-consumption from the rooftop or the commercial installation and thus participle to the consumption and storage planning .

In Belgium, for example the forecast may help to inform of the part of the generation that will be injected and thus participate to the grid stability. Today, as a DSP provider (Delivery Service Partner), Steadysun can provide the supply companies active in the smart home business (home automation) by offering PV-forecasting as an additional module.  Steadysun’s API provides such PV-forecast to any business that needs solar power forecast based on weather prediction or real-time irradiance from satellite images.


Steadysun’s PV-forecast API helps you:

• Monitor / schedule the power consumption of home appliances

• Optimize the PV-installation generation by prediction

• Anticipate future power supply drop and ramp up from the Photovoltaic installation

• Maximize the unused PV power by charging the home battery

• Reduce the injected power by maximizing the self-consumption

The API provides a tool for retrieval of forecasting data per installation. The API has been designed for professionals by professionals to facilitate the data transfer and thus meet the needs of companies involved in monitoring, supervision, e-mobility, management of photovoltaic plants or energy consumption management (domestic or commercial). Via the API the client can automatically retrieve solar production forecasts by queries (http) on the of Steadysun’s server.

The delivery of files through web services is a fast, reliable and very cost effective solution which allow to integrate solar production forecasts for all web applications.

Description :

• Web services with Rest.

• Access to the API via a URL

• Authentication requested to secure the access

• JSON, XML file format


Easy and simple API Setup:

1) Access and Authentication: Access to the API is restricted and Steadysun authentication is required. The area is protected and secure, login and password will be assigned to authenticate.

2) Parameter: installation features such as latitude and longitude coordinates, Peak power (kW), and orientation (Tilt , azimuth)… are requested.


During the setup step, the API documentation will be provided and Steadysun’s dedicated team will support you.

You are a company specialised in PV monitoring solution, smart meter, smart home software, and home energy management systems. You operate a IoT (internet of things) platform or dedicate your platform to the self-consumption, we would be pleased to inform you more about our API.

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