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Steadysun is supporting you in the sale of electricity on the spot market

12 Gennaio 2016


The obligation for the direct selling of renewable electricity (including the photovoltaic) on the wholesale market for all the new installations superior to 500 kW is effective in Germany since August 1st, 2014.

Since January 1rst, 2016, the first European market for solar energy, with about 40 GW of installed capacity, has made the direct sale compulsory for any new solar installations over 100 KW.


Following the directives of the European Commission, France has decided since January 1st, 2016, as in Germany, the mandatory sale of electricity to the market for any new photovoltaic installations above 500 KW (Draft decree concerning the complement to remuneration mentioned in the article L.314-18 of the energy code).

Because of the variability of the solar energy production, it is difficult to profitably sell this energy to the market without the proper tools.

Solar forecasting is the most effective tool, allowing asset production management and an effective selling to the market while to limiting the trading risk. Steadysun thanks to its proven experience, can propose efficient solar production forecasting solutions, customized to your needs, for power plants, a region and country-wide.

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