To test the adequacy of the industry consumption to renewable energy



13 Gennaio 2015

The EnR-Pool project is a full scale experiment to test the adequacy of the industry electricity consumption to intermittent renewable energy (EnR) production.

The EnR-Pool demonstrator involves the consumption of 100 MW and 72 MW of renewable energy production. The idea is to encourage industrial consumers to adjust their consumption according to the expected energy production. This project allows an actual conditions experiment of the incentive mechanisms designed to limit the industrial consumption in order to offset the anticipated production drops.

This participative project allows to be better prepared for a massive integration of intermittent renewable energy in the network.

STEADYSUN has been selected for the precision of its solar production forecasting solution. The accuracy of forecast information allows the EnR-Pool stakeholders to make quick and reliable decisions.

Indeed, STEADYSUN provides solar production forecasting services for the day ahead (SteadyMet) and intra-day, that is to say 1 or 2 hours in advance (SteadySat) . This level of precision is achieved through the combination of weather forecasts and satellite images.

* Led by Energy Pool, located at the Savoie Technolac site, the EnR-Pool project brings together Schneider Electric and CEA teams at INES. It is funded by ADEME as part of the “Investments for the Future” up to of € 1.1 million out of a total budget of 2.3 million euros.