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SteadySun will exhibit at InterSolar Europe 2015 – Munich

14 Aprile 2015

SteadySun for the second consecutive year will exhibit at InterSolar Europe 2015 – Munich

Clean energy development has become the cornerstone of many countries’ energy strategy. A growing number of governments encourage increasing the share of renewables in electricity production. Some, like Germany, have reached very high levels of integration in the energy mix, of which PV is by large the winner.

Solar power enjoyed an unprecedented boom thanks especially to its attractive price.

With a cost of around €100 per MWh in France and even close to €50 per MWh in United Arab Emirates (cf. ACWA Power Project in Dubai), photovoltaic energy has become competitive. This trend will continue, since this cost will continue declining in the coming years.

For the year 2015, an increase of 25-30% over 2014 is anticipated, with an installed capacity that will be close to 50 GW. China alone will account for nearly 17 GW and the US no less than 8 GW.

The increase of the photovoltaics share in the energy mix will have a number of impacts: Positive on greenhouse gases emissions, but possibly negative on aspects such as network stability.

Steadysun has a set of tools currently available to respond to the solar energy intermittency issue.

We will be happy welcoming you to visit our stand at InterSolar Europe 2015, the world’s largest trade fair in Europe for the solar industry, which will take place from June 10 to 12 in Munich, Germany.

The following topics will be covered:

– Steadysun reduces the electricity bill of a PV-diesel hybrid system thanks to its SW-02 Sky Imager and associated steadyEye short term forecasting solution

– Steadysun helps traders sell their production at the best price and purchase them cheaply by anticipating falls or sudden increases in PV Production

– Steadysun helps operators to address the balancing issue of their networks

– Steadysun teams up with specialized companies’ plans to reduce their subscribers’ energy bills

– Steadyun, your forecast partner for your ‘Smartgrid’ projects

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