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Solar electricity production is variable because it depends on climate and weather conditions ; its predictability is then limited. As power plant operators, electricity traders and network managers, you need solar power forecasting to operate your business.

Steadysun offers its recognized knowledge and experience as a leader in solar energy forecasting through customzed and on-request training sessions.

How can forecasts help me in improving the profitability of solar installations? How can they increase the performance of my portfolio? How to use forecasts to balance the electrical network?

Our training sessions can help you answering these questions.


Example of topics that can be covered :

 > Acquire basic knowledge in climatology and meteorology
 > Analyze the variability of the solar resource and its operational impact
 > Know how to model photovoltaic systems according to technologies
 > Become familiar with solar forecasting solutions, their performance and their limitation
 > Know how to use forecasts to manage business risks


Who can benefit?

 >  Power network managers
 >  Operators of solar installations
 >  Solar energy producers
 >  Energy aggregators
 >  Traders

 >  EPC
 >  Solar plant developers
 >  Engineers
 >  Project Managers
 >  Technicians


Key benefits

 >  Training carried out by industry experts
 > Practical case studies based on software and web interfaces