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179 217,00€

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Société par actions simplifiée

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Chambéry 792 522 492

Legal representative

Caroline Deforeit

Headquarters address

18 allée du lac Saint André

BP 40328



+33 (0)9 70 75 34 16 

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Company : Google Ireland

Legal form : Limited

Ref Id : Ireland 368047

Headquarters address :

Gordon House, Barrow Street
Dublin 4

Web site :

Steadysun is a SAS -Société par Actions Simplifiée – Simplified joint stock company. All rights reserved.



By connecting to the site, you accept, without reservation, these conditions of use. Please read the different terms of use carefully before browsing its pages.


Limitation of responsibility :

Steadysun SAS cannot be held responsible for time taken to access its website due to Internet failure or malfunction. In the same way, Steadysun SAS cannot be held responsible for any interruption of its services to resolve a technical problem or to upgrade the system. Steadysun SAS does not give any guarantee in respect of the use of information on the website and cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage that may result from use of this information by a site user, or for any errors or omissions therein, or for any faults or interruptions in the supply of information or the total or partial unavailability thereof.

Modifications :

Steadysun SAS may change its services and content without notice and without any formality other than stating these modifications in its general and specific online terms and conditions.



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When you browse our site, you have the option of accepting them, configuring your preferences, or simply rejecting them.


Our site may contain links to or from partner sites and other third party sites. If you navigate to any of these sites, please note that they have their own privacy policy and that our responsibility ends the moment you leave our site. Check the privacy policies before transmitting your personal data to third party sites.


When you visit our site, you are under no obligation to provide your personal data. However, in order to access certain features such as subscribing to newsletters, webinars, downloading white papers or case studies, we may need to collect personal data about you. This processing is done on the basis of your consent. But if you do not provide this information, you will not be able to benefit from these services.


Personal data is collected and stored via CRM software (Customer Relationship Management) and protected on our servers or on the servers of our service providers.


Personal data is only intended for the Steadysun company to process your inquiries. These can also be used for commercial prospecting purposes.

Regarding personal data following the submission of an application, its information is also only intended for the company Steadysun in order to process your application.


Regarding the personal data collected by Steadysun after sending a form to subscribe to the newsletters, a webinar, the download of a white paper or a case study, these will be kept until your request for deletion of these, or up to 3 years from your last interaction with Steadysun.

Regarding your personal data collected by Steadysun following the sending of an application, these will be kept for the duration of your contractual relationship with us if you are recruited, or for a period of two years from your last interaction with Steadysun.


This website may not be reproduced in whole or in part without the express prior permission of Steadysun SAS. Such representation or reproduction, by any process whatsoever, would constitute an infringement sanctioned by articles L. 335-2 et seq. of the Intellectual Property Code. The same applies to the databases mentioned on the site, whose content is protected by the law dated 1 July 1998 adapting the Intellectual Property Code to incorporate the European directive of 11 March 1996 concerning the legal protection of databases.

In accordance with the Intellectual Property Code, the only copies or reproductions allowed are those strictly for the private use of the person making the copy and are not intended for collective use, except private and free representations carried out exclusively in a family circle. In the same way, analyses and short quotations justified by the critical, controversial, educational, scientific or informational nature of the work in which they are included are also authorized, provided that the name of the author and the source are clearly indicated.

The texts, certain images and generally speaking all the content of the site are supplied by Steadysun SAS and are its property.


Steadysun is a registered trademark.

It is strictly forbidden to use or reproduce the name “Steadysun” and/or its logo, separately or together, for any reason whatsoever and on any means whatsoever, without the prior written agreement of Steadysun SAS.

The Steadysun name, Steadysun logo and the names of the associated products and services are Steadysun SAS registered trademarks.

The reproduction, imitation, use or display of these registered trademarks without the prior permission of the communications agency or their respective owners constitutes an infringement of copyright.

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) copyright treaty, adopted on 20 December 1996 in Geneva by the diplomatic conference convened by the WIPO, brought international copyright into the digital era. In particular this treaty puts in place penalties for those who delete or impair identification and copyright management systems.



Names : Caroline DEFOREIT, Guillaume TREMOY, Nathalie DESBROSSES, Elena ESCUDERO-RAMO, Matthieu LAURENT.

website builder

Name : Michael Chardon


+33 (0)9 70 75 34 16



+33 (0)9 70 75 34 16







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