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Steadysun operates in more than 1400 sites worldwide


Steadysun is aimed at all players on the energy market who need to manage renewable sources

 Managers of power grids (distribution and transmission) and more generally energy systems.

 Operators of solar power plants: photovoltaic with or without tracking, concentrated photovoltaic (CPV), thermodynamic (CSP).

 Operators of wind power plants, hydraulic plants, …

 Balance responsible entities or managers of portfolios of mixed energy production resources.

Steadysun supports its customers in order to promote the integration of renewable energy into power grids in compliance with the regulatory framework. Energy forecasting also makes it possible to reduce plant operating and maintenance costs.

Steadysun can also help you size your systems (storage, technology) and can help grid operators redo their grid codes taking into account future renewable energy installations.

It can furthermore advise the Public Service in its drafting of calls for tenders for new power plants, taking into account the current grid, meteorology and government strategic energy mix objectives.

Help our clients generate maximum revenue from their sites

Customers worldwide

Many professionals are aware that solar power, as an intermittent energy source has more and more impact on the grid and energy market (SPOT for example).
Steadytrial allows any TSO, DSO, ISO, RTO, utility, energy trader, solar power plant manager, to test online our unique solar power forecast.

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