Solar Energy Forecasting

Anticipate solar variability, limit unbalancing costs


Accurate irradiation and power generation forecasts for solar power producers, asset managers, energy trading companies, portfolio managers and TSOs

The electricity generated by a solar power plant is variable. Indeed, the production of a solar park depends on weather conditions (solar radiation, cloud cover, temperature, etc.), which are particularly difficult to predict. However, for an efficient integration of solar energy in electricity grids and markets, it is necessary to know in advance the electricity produced. For this reason, Steadysun has developed a reliable solar power forecasting solution for producers, plant operators, traders, and grid operators.

This solution is based on a unique blend of products that use Numerical Weather Prediction models, satellite imagery, and ground-based sky imagery to provide highly accurate forecasts for day-ahead, intraday and intra hour needs.

Our forecasting system combines Physics-based modeling and Artificial Intelligence, and cover :  

Solar resource and production (GHI, DNI, GTI, AC/DC Power),

Time horizons of a few minutes to several days ahead,

All types of technology (PV, with or without tracking, CSP),

Worldwide geographic coverage,

Any size of installation and aggregation: from a few kW to forecasts for a whole country.

Why is solar forecasting important? What are the methods for solar forecasting? 

24-Hour Solar Radiation Forecast

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Steadymet, Day ahead solar forecasting

Forecasts using numerical weather prediction models

Reduce penalties

Plan and minimize spinning reserves

Sell electricity at the best price on day-ahead markets

Steadysat, Intraday solar forecasting

Forecasts and live data based on satellite imagery

Reduce penalties & optimize storage management

Manage spinning reserve in real time

Sell electricity at the best price on intraday markets

Steadyeye, Next minutes solar forecasting

Forecast from ground based fisheye sky imagery

Anticipate intra-hour variations of production

Minimize and manage spinning reserves in real time

Reduce genset consumption and increase their lifetime

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