Forecast services adapted to our customers' needs.


Steadysun: solar production forecasting specialist

Solar energy and solar energy alone is Steadysun’s vocation! Our forecasting services cover:

– Solar production or resource (DNI, GHI)
– Time horizons of a few minutes to a few days.
– All types of technology (photovoltaic, with or without tracking, CPV, CSP)
– Worldwide geographic coverage
– Any size of installation and aggregation: from a few kW to forecasts for a whole country!

Our business solutions meet the different challenges encountered by our customers. They are designed to anticipate the solar energy injection into the electrical networks (transmission and distribution), to reduce power plant operation costs, optimize portfolio asset management which includes solar resources and, at the end, to allow an efficient integration of the solar energy in the grids.

Combined with meteorological models, satellite imagery and ground-based sky imagers, our products deliver high accuracy forecasts at horizons spanning from 1 minute to several days ahead.

Steadysun: innovation is its DNA

A spin-off from the CEA and INES laboratories (National Institute of Solar Energy), our process is based on continuous innovation and improvement.

Production forecasts are obtained by combining data analysis from solar plants, weather forecasts, satellite imagery and video images taken on site.

In collaboration with the INES laboratories, our R&D team, made up of experts in artificial intelligence, image processing, meteorology and IT, is constantly perfecting our forecasting tools.