Steadysun supports EDT Engie


Steadysun supports EDT Engie to predict Tahiti solar farms power variability and avoid blackouts

EDT ENGIE is deploying a Steadysun solar energy forecasting solution on the Tahiti island to predict solar variability in the very short term (30 minutes) and then enable to ensure the island’s power network stability.

The project consists in installing a network of eight sky imagers that will acquire local cloud information by taking hemispherical pictures at a high frequency (up to 15 seconds). Each sky imager is equipped with a pyranometer measuring the solar irradiance as well as a temperature sensor. The combination of the images and the local weather measurements are processed in our SteadyEye cutting-edge forecasting service. Used in conjunction with our forecasting products SteadySat and SteadyMet, this solution will enable to forecast the state of the cloud cover for the very short-term, along with the solar plants production. This will allow for the grid operator to anticipate coming PV production drops and then compensate by switching on a thermal unit to guarantee the power grid stability.

The launch of this new large-scale project marks a new stage in our long-term relationship with EDT ENGIE. 

French Polynesia produces currently more than 35% of its electricity from renewable energies and aims to reach 75% in 2030. The Tahiti island’s total solar electricity production already exceeds a critical threshold of 30% of instantaneous consumption at certain times, exposing the network to instabilities. The issue of the solar energy variability, identified as a constraint in the energy transition, represents a management challenge in order to maximize the penetration of solar energy in the Tahitian grid. Once operational, in early 2021, Steadysun’s solar forecasting solution will enable EDT ENGIE to deal with the PV development while guaranteeing Tahiti’s power network stability, and even avoiding blackouts that would plunge the island population into darkness.


Steadysun has been supporting EDT ENGIE for several years by delivering studies on solar energy variability, power system simulations and optimal sizing of equipments, as well as day-ahead and intraday irradiance and production forecasts for the Tahity island. The launch of this large-scale project marks a new stage in our long-term relationship with EDT ENGIE.


Steadeye forecast cloud cover motion

by | Dec 9, 2020

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