8th Solar Integration Workshop

October, 17 2018



Steadysun presented a paper at the 8th Solar Integration Workshop on October, 17 in Stockholm

October 18th, 2018

Steadysun presented its work on the “Integration of Short-term PV Forecasts in Control Strategies of PV-Diesel Systems” carried out in partnership with the French National Institute of Solar Energy (CEA-INES).

The paper shows how to leverage our steadyEye solution in control strategies to increase PV-rate integration in hybrid PV-Diesel systems and lower operational costs.  The approach, using a Sky-Imager, is based on an innovative simulation platform, developed to analyse control strategies of hybrid systems. Simulations show the strong benefits of using a control strategy based on very short-term forecasts in terms of genset fuel consumption reduction, integration of PV energy in the system and genset operation time.

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