A production forecast for the next 30 minute period is made using the additional instrumentation on site.

The system used allows the sky to be observed from the plant’s site using a camera pointing upwards that takes hemispherical photos. Used in conjunction with image processing algorithms, a cloud mass movement forecast and physical models, the state of the cloud cover is forecast for the very short term (up to 30 mins) along with the plant’s production.

This offer is adapted in particular to insular networks and hybrid systems. It favours real time management and decision making in order to optimise the alternative energy production methods to implement.


SteadyEye structure



Whether you are a plant operator, a DSO/DNO, an EPC contractor, or dealing with PV-Diesel-Storage-Hybrid systems, Steadysun understands your need for very short term and accurate forecasting solutions.

Steadysun provides you with an advanced solar power production forecasting technology. This unique application delivers the most accurate forecasting solutions available on the market, to anticipate solar intermittencies.

Power generation of the solar plant is forecast up to one hour in advance thanks to fine modelling of the cloud cover motion and the built-in combination with the on-site all-sky imager. Simple, reliable and user-friendly, steadyEye service allows operators to provide cost-effective accurate short term forecasting and nowcasting at any time, from any location. This service solution is a simple management tool which allows a quasi-real time decision-making process to optimize daily operations.




Selection and processing of all sky images


GHI forecast in Australia


Distributed PV forecast for french DSO


Rooftop PV forecast in Germany


Hybrid system forecast in Switzerland


SteadyEye Vs other forecast



Sky imager SW-04:




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