Production forecasts based on meteorological models and simulations

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Meteorological solar production forecast is the oldest and most used technology to meet forecasting needs over the next few days.

Solar production forecast essentially depends on sunlight and temperature, themselves influenced by different phenomena (clouds, fog, wind, etc.).
SteadyMet takes into account a series of parameters, making it possible to provide the finest, most efficient and advanced solar production forecast on the market.
Production forecast for the coming days is thus achieved based on meteorological models and production data available. Forecasts can be updated every 6 hours.

They are based on an expert system that combines artificial intelligence, statistical and physical models. Local weather peculiarities are taken into account, and the selflearning module achieves greater accuracy.

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Selection and processing of meteorological data





Forecast D+3, over the whole of Germany for TSO and traders


36 hours Forecast, for a region in Italy (1,450MW)


D + 3 Forecast, for an operator with an 80MW power plant with 1 axis tracker in South Africa


Forecast up to 25 hours, for an island in the Atlantic Ocean (100MW)


Production & forecast history (data over one year)



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