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Combined with weather forecasts, satellite imagery allows the evolution of the cloud cover and the production profile to be refined for the coming hours. This module uses satellite images recovered 1 to 4 times per hour. Using fine modeling and advanced mathematical algorithms, the energy production for the coming hours is forecast with an increased capacity to assess fluctuations and risks of intermittence.

For example, in an energy mix with a high proportion of solar energy, this solution makes it possible to modulate the need for additional thermal energy. The result is a reduction in operational costs and a better carbon footprint.

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The solar forecast service SteadySat was developed in response to intra-day forecasting needs (up to 6 hours in advance) and is intended primarily for network operators (TSOs and DSOs), but also for electricity producers, traders or suppliers. This production forecast service allows in particular to:

> Manage the injection gap recorded during the day compared to the previous day’s announcement, and reduce associated costs (penalties, risks);

> Set up and operate a storage system associated with a solar power plant;

> Efficiently exploit solar resources in an island environment or in non-interconnected areas, while reducing the use of fossil fuel energy;

> Manage the hybridization of a fossil fuel off-grid power plant using solar power to reduce the average cost per MWh locally produced;

> Manage a micro-grid network operating multiple power assets to maximize the use of the solar resource.

Coupled to weather forecast (SteadyMet), satellite imagery allows more accurate evaluation of cloud cover evolution and production profile over the coming hours. This module uses satellite images collected 1-4 times per hour. Through detailed modelling and advanced mathematical algorithms, energy production is predicted over the following hours with increased capability for assessing fluctuation risks and intermittency.


Selection and processing of satellite images





Forecast for a 12 kW small plant with percentiles


Forecast for an island (36MW) with percentiles


Forecast for a region (2500mW) with percentiles


Forecast for a country without percentile


Production & forecast history (data over one year)



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