Steadysun SW-X series is the ultimate sky imager solution for mission-critical solar power systems. When solar generation variability threatens your power system, SW-X series monitors fast changing sky condition delivering next hour accurate solar production forecasts to trigger your balancing means.

SteadyEye forecasting solution is tailored for industrial applications such as hybrid systems (i.e. PV-diesel), utility scale plants, CSP as well as urban distributed installations.

SteadyEye service setup configurations are available in standalone or in Software as a Service.



    > Tailored for solar power forecasting

    > Heavy duty design

    > Field proven

    > Compatible with all SCADA systems

    > Stand alone or Software as a Service configurations




   > Hybrid with storage systems

   > Microgrids

   > CSP plants

   > Power grid management

   > Insular power systems





    > 4 km² high resolution sky images

    > Local processing & forecast production

    > Modbus or IP connection to SCADA





  > Reduced maintenance costs 

  > Remote device configuration