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Weatherzone and Steadysun partnership


Weatherzone and Steadysun annouce technical and commercial partnership for Australia/New Zealand 

WEATHERZONE and STEADYSUN have signed a commercial and technological cooperation agreement to offer comprehensive and state-of-the-art solar production forecasting solutions for energy networks and market operators as well as energy traders in Australia and New Zealand.

Beyond the commercial cooperation, it is clear that the technologies, analytical tools and systems used by WEATHERZONE and STEADYSUN are complementary and enable mutual enrichment.

Staffed by accredited meteorologists, engineers and atmospheric scientists, WEATHERZONE will bring:

Its high-precision meteological forecast system Opticast based on data from over 20 state and private organisations

Severe weather real time monitoring and alerting systems and customisable interactive online dashboards

Weatherzone Total Lightning Detection Network (WZTLN), which provides superior detection and storm forecasting abilities.

New partnership with Weatherzone. 

Steadysun will provide its solar production forecasting technologies:

For the coming days, by combining meteological information from several providers with the local characteristics and specificities of the PV plants

For the next hours, by integrating the latest satelitte images available

For real time system monitoring thanks to images taken on site by a fish-eye camera

Weatherzone’s existing services in the energy sector, combined with STEADYSUN market leading solar forecasts, will help to better understand and anticipate the evolution of the electrical balance, to optimize the solar energy injection into the networks by reducing the costs of its variability in production. This is a matter of security but also of economic efficiency of the networks

Charles Solomon, Managing Director of WEATHERZONE, said :

“WEATHERZONE is very pleased to enter into this partnership with SteadySun to bring world-leading solar production forecasting to Australia.
As the focus on renewable energy sources increases the demand for highly accurate and reliable forecasting technologies and techniques become more important, together with STEADYSUN, we will best positioned to assist Australian companies as they strive to improve their production efficiencies.”

Xavier Le Pivert, President of STEADYSUN, added :

“We are happy to develop this partnership with WEATHERZONE. As the leading commercial weather service provider in Australia, WEATHERZONE have the expertise and the market recognition to successfully promote our solar forecasting service portfolio in the area.
We will share our expertise, as well as our knowledge of weather models, satellite imaging and processing. This partnership will also allow us to access the Australian and New Zealand energy markets.”


Weatherzone is Australia’s largest commercial weather forecasting provider with over 17 years’ experience in providing accurate, robust and business aligned weather services to 300+ companies worldwide.

WEATHERZONE services private companies and government organisations in over 15 industries within Australia and internationally, including mining, agriculture, energy, ports, aviation, retail, insurance, broadcast media, digital media and more.

WEATHERZONE’s core service proposition focuses on the timely delivery of highly accurate weather information, to allow intelligent and effective decision making, reducing weather risk and maximizing profit. Weatherzone counts the biggest global players in the wind industry among its clients.

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