How can solar forecasting help you
improve profitability on your solar power plant? 

Improve your solar power plants profitability thanks to weather forecasting 

  • Increase your revenues by limiting curtailment  
  • Reduce grid code penalties
  • Optimize the sizing of your storage systems and your CAPEX/OPEX ratio


As a PV plant operator, you need to reliably anticipate the variability of solar production in order to meet the increasingly stringent requirements of the Transmission System Operators (TSOs). 

Indeed, as solar energy is a variable energy source, you risk :

Significant financial losses if your production forecasts do not match your production, resulting in financial penalties.

Curtailment if your production is higher than your electricity production forecast.

Oversizing of your storage capacity, representing a high investment cost and therefore a significant financial loss.

Overusing of your spinning reserves, resulting in energy loss, increased CO2 emissions and accelerated ageing of your generators.

How can solar forecasting help you improve profitability on your solar power plant? 



Expert in solar forecasting  

This webinar will provide an opportunity to understand how solar forecasting can help you addressing these issues and increasing profitability of your power plant by:  

Dividing your penalties by 2 thanks to forecasts.

Optimizing your storage system sizing and your CAPEX/OPEX ratio.

Increasing your income by feeding more solar energy into the grid.

Nathalie Desbrosses, our expert in solar forecasting, will be your host for this webinar.
With over 20 years of experience in energy forecasting, Nathalie will guide and advise you on how to optimize the productivity and profitability of your solar power plants.

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