How to optimize transactions on spot power markets?

Moving from solar production forecasting to transactions on spot markets 

  • Methodology for forecasting weather and solar production
  • Case study on a renewable energy aggregator
  • Tips for optimizing risk management
  • API demo


The energy crisis has shaken up all the fundamentals of electricity trading businesses in 2022, and simultaneously the EU installed a record-breaking 41 GW of solar capacity. The market environment has generated opportunities, but at the same time, risks have exploded.

Energy traders and aggregators must limit financial risks and must, more than ever, accurately anticipate solar asset production.

Join this webinar to learn how to use efficiently accurate predictions to maximize your transaction revenues and limit balancing costs. Find out how to manage risks more effectively. Learn how to access forecast data securely and easily.  

Power trading: Moving from solar production forecasting to transactions on spot markets 


Valéry Tarondeau  

VP Digital 


Nathalie Desbrosses 

Expert in solar forecasting 

What you will discover in this webinar:

A detailed methodology for forecasting weather and solar production, 

A case study of a renewable energy aggregator, 

Some tips to optimize risk management, 

How does an API enable access to accurate forecast data securely and easily. 

We will conclude the webinar with a 15-minute Q&A session where you can discuss directly with our experts. 

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