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Power trading: Moving from solar production forecasting to transactions on spot markets 

Thursday March 9, 2023 at 2:00pm (UTC+2 PARIS)
in English  

This webinar will give you the opportunity to understand:

How accurate solar production forecasts help maximize your transaction revenue and limit balancing costs

How to manage risk more effectively

How to access forecast data securely and easily  


45 minutes

You manage solar power plants and are probably looking to:

Increase your revenues by limiting curtailment?

Reduce grid code penalties?

Optimize the sizing of your storage systems and your CAPEX/OPEX ratio?

45 minutes

Are you a project developer, plant operator or grid manager in insular regions? You probably need:

To optimally size your project (PV yield, storage system).

To minimize grid code penalties.

To optimize the energy dispatch and the control of spinning reserves.

45 minutes

You are a power trader or an aggregator and are probably looking to:

Maximize your transaction revenue and limit balancing costs

Manage risk more effectively

Access forecast data securely and easily  


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