Wind Energy Forecasting

Anticipate wind variability, limit unbalancing costs


Accurate wind speed, direction and power generation forecasts for wind power producers, asset managers, energy trading companies, portfolio managers and TSOs

The electricity generated by wind farms is variable. The production of a wind park depends on the state of the turbines, the complexity of the site and the wind conditions at the height of the turbines (wind direction, wind speed), which are particularly difficult to predict. In order to optimize the integration of renewable energy into electricity markets and grids, players in the power sector must predict the production of wind turbines. As a result, we have developed a day-ahead and intraday wind power forecasting solution for producers, plant operators, traders and grid operators.

This solution is based on a product that uses Numerical Weather Prediction models and ground-based measurements to deliver highly accurate forecasts for day-ahead and intraday needs.

Our forecasting system combines Physics-based modeling and Artificial Intelligence, and covers:  

Wind speed/direction (at 10m and hub height) and production (AC Power),

Time horizons of a few hours to several days ahead,

All types of technology (Onshore, Offshore),

Worldwide geographic coverage,

Any size of installation and aggregation: from a few kW to forecasts for a whole country.

Why is wind forecasting important? How is wind forecasting done? 

24-Hour Wind Forecast for Europe

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