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Steadysun supports ”Générale du Solaire” on four solar power plants ground mounted and roof mounted

“Générale du Solaire” is deploying Steadysun’s solar forecasting solutions on four solar power plants with battery storage in Corsica in order to deal with the issues of Non-Interconnected Zones (NIZ) such as the decarbonization of electricity through green production, but also the simplification of its integration into the electricity network.

Faced with the typical problems of the NIZ and as a power plant operator, “Générale du Solaire” has a double goal. This aims to decarbonise the electricity production of the Corsica island by limiting the use of fossil fuels while reducing particularly high production costs; and this thanks to energy storage systems.

How Steadysun’s solar forecasts help “Générale du Solaire” to maximize solar energy integration into the Corsica power grid ?

“The storage of solar production during the day makes it possible to reinject solar electricity ‘at peak’, when the energy is the most carbon in Corsica. Générale du Solaire delivers to EDF SEI a forecast of the injection on its network the day before for the next day and undertakes to respect it, thanks to a regulation of the energy injected in real-time via control of the batteries and of the production solar “.

Article from PV Magazine: Promising results of Generale du Solaire’s PV plants with storage in Corsica“.

This work is made possible thanks to Steadysun’s forecasting solutions, based on weather forecasts allowing us to anticipate the level of production for the next few days with our SteadyMet product. Combined with our SteadySat product, the forecast production level is refined by the processing of satellite images, making it possible to follow the evolution of cloud cover and therefore the production profile for the hours to come.

by | Jul 21, 2021

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